Ideas to turn your small living space into a great home

Home decoration takes on a different kind of urgency when you’re working from home or trying to manage remote schooling. This situation is especially difficult for those of us who live in limited spaces. Here are some ideas on how to liven up your space and create a home that you want to live in.

Go for affordable decor

The first step to enjoying your space is making it more homely. That doesn’t mean splashing out on a new lounge suite. In fact, it might mean getting rid of some items that are cluttering up your space.

A sensible way to achieve this is decorating a chosen area according a different theme every now and then. A bright colour scheme and summery decor for winter could be one way to spice things up. This doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise and can be a fun way to keep your home exciting and inviting.

Keep it tidy

Nothing clutters up your small space more than things piled on top of last month’s things that you’ve piled on last year’s things. The only solution is to find ways to store things you hold most dear. The rest you should sell or donate.

Popular storage solutions include shelves that help you get things out the way, boxes, side tables, baskets or crates that can be put neatly out of sight or, if they suit the aesthetic, can easily become part of the room’s decor.

Add some greenery

Sometimes nature is all you need to liven up a room and a windowsill is all the space you need. Even though it may feel as if you’re creating more clutter by adding plants, you’ll probably get more enjoyment from them because of the harmony they can bring.

If you have a balcony or patio, you might want to look for outdoor pot plants, or even start your own little urban farm. Growing herbs and spices is a great way to liven up your meals, and they’re more affordable when they’re freshly picked from your garden.

Brighten things up

If you live in a small space, you’ll appreciate the difference a little more light can make to the general feeling of your home. Be sure to keep windows uncovered to let in more light.

You can also make your space appear bigger by painting your walls in a light colour – think white or light grey. And stay away from dark and brightly coloured furniture. They can look big and bulky compared to pieces in more muted colours.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend because they're so versatile. In smaller spaces, they can make your rooms appear, quite literally, twice the size. Carefully choosing the frame and where you hang the mirror can turn it into a design element as well as a source of light if it’s positioned in a way to reflect light into the room.

Giving furniture or decor pieces a dual purpose is worth bearing in mind when planning your small living space. Drawers built into your couch or containers under your bed are just a few great ways to make the most of free space that is often ignored. It’s no secret that the internet is the best place to find inspiration for your home. Best of all, you can find inspiration from around the world to get new ideas you can apply.


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