Home improvement: get an in-store Nedbank loan

A global revival in home improvements is being driven by people who want to spruce things up because they’re spending so much more time in their houses since the pandemic.

The novelty of waking up late and going to work in your PJs has long worn off for those of us working in a cramped or noisy space. This only leads to more stress and irritability, so the need for change is more than justified. You’ll feel much more at peace, and your nearest and dearest will probably also thank you.

Invest in your space and yourself

You may just need to revamp your living space, but if you now plan to work from home permanently, you might want to consider something a bit bigger. Building a new office (or renovating an existing room into an office) has several benefits, which include tax deductions, increased value of the property and a more productive and profitable work environment.

The last point is not a minor consideration: mentally clocking in and out of your workspace every day helps you keep career and family time separate, even though it’s all happening on the same property. And having a space dedicated to work helps you maintain the disciplined daily schedule you’d keep in a normal, shared office.

A Nedbank personal loan for home improvement goods means you can get most of what you need for a renovation under one roof

Fortunately, whether you’re building an extension or simply refurbishing what’s already in place, there’s a simple and affordable way for you to make the changes you need.

Easy in-store access

Nedbank has partnered with South Africa’s leading hardware and home improvement stores, including Cashbuild, Boxer Build, Build-it and BUCO, to offer in-store personal loans for home improvement. You can apply at any of these stores for a loan to cover the goods you need.

A big advantage is that you can get an accurate figure of the cost of materials and supplies you’ll need for your project on the spot. You can also opt for a split disbursal – this is when you apply for a loan to cover both the costs of the materials you need as well as any additional costs. If you qualify, the amount for the goods will be paid to the store, and the additional amount will be paid into your account to help pay for contractors setting up your new office. 

The process is quick and simple, and you’ll find out there and then whether your application is successful or not. This means you won’t need to go into a bank branch to apply for the loan, plus you can get all the expert home improvement advice you need while applying.

All-in-1 convenience

A clever way to stretch your loan a little further is to buy as many of the furnishings and fittings from the same hardware retailer. Our accredited partners like Cashbuild don’t only stock paint, building supplies and DIY tools – you can also find shelves, desks, cabinets, bathroom and light fixtures, lamps, heaters, fans, and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

From bricks, mortar, paint and tiles to appliances, decor and home furnishings, a Nedbank personal loan for home improvement means you can get most of what you need for a renovation under one roof. Including all these items under a single loan is a helpful, hassle-free way to keep tabs on your bills, come the end of the month.


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