Make your business systems work harder for you

Most businesses are already reliant on technology to operate, so as a business owner you can no longer assume that having business systems in place is on its own a competitive advantage. Customer demands are constantly changing, and capitalising on your line-of-business (LOB) capabilities is critical for streamlined operations, better customer service and competitiveness.

Integration can provide businesses with a competitive edge. It enables participants, whether internal or external, to interact digitally by transferring data securely between various software systems. Integration between the bank and your LOB system creates market opportunities and solutions for the following operational needs:

  • Reliability. With minimal manual processes involved, information is dependable, consistent and secure.
  • Quality. Information is more valuable due to minimal human intervention. Quality content enables better forecasting and budgeting.
  • Cost. Lower implementation costs free up resources and remove bottlenecks in a sales process. 
  • Speed. Information files of any size can be accessed quickly without lengthy analysing processes. Decision-making and planning can be much faster if businesses need to adjust them.
  • Flexibility. Systems are equipped to manage demand increases and deadline changes.

Some of the Nedbank solutions that can be integrated into your business system:

Corporate Payment System

An electronic banking solution that offers you the convenience of sending transactions directly from your LOB system, such as collection files, payment files and account verifications for real-time or near-real-time processing.

Final Transaction Information

You have a view of the final transactions that were processed on your current or savings accounts and that will appear on the closed-off bank statements.  

Transactions are extracted from your accounts and sent directly into your LOB system, streamlining your reconciliation process.


A payment capability that enables you to present payment requests through your preferred platform to clients, who can complete these payments using the payment method of their choice. You receive one settlement from these bulk payments and a reconciliation file is sent directly to your LOB system.
Pay@ is a seamless payment facilitation solution that benefits your clients, while enabling faster payments.


An easy, detailed, robust cash-reconciliation solution that integrates your LOB system with Nedbank for cash deposits. The cash deposit value submitted on your LOB system is matched to the amount received at the cash centre, an accurately referenced file is sent to you, and your account is credited.


A bank-to-client data automation solution based on cash-depositing events that allow for easy cash deposits tracking, reconciliation and visibility. The information is received from your existing cash solution and delivered to your LOB system.

Cash Maximiser

A specialised solution that provides your business with immediate value for cash at your point-of-sale or till system. Information files are facilitated through cash integration and your account is credited. You have access to locked-up liquidity because you receive value when sales are concluded.

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