Credit card safety tips

  • Never share your card PIN or CSC number (also known as a CVV number) with anyone, including bank employees.
  • Read Approve-it messages carefully before accepting them.
  • Never share a one-time password (OTP) with anyone.
  • If you get an Approve-it message or OTP for a transaction you didn’t make, decline and report it immediately on 0800 110 929.
  • Block or freeze your card if it’s been stolen or retained at an ATM.
  • Check your statements regularly and report any unusual transactions immediately.
  • Make sure you get your original card back after each transaction.
  • Don’t shop online using public Wi-Fi or unsecure networks.

Easy ways to bank online


Activate DebiCheck to pay your monthly debit orders


Use the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking to transfer money to your credit card


Transfer money from any non-Nedbank account by adding your Nedbank credit card as a recipient


Use your budget facility to make larger purchases and choose to pay them off over 6 to 60 months

Increase your credit card limit easily on the Money app


Benefit from up to 55 days of no interest on purchases by settling your balance in full each month

Fraud awareness

Schemes and scams
Banking safely
How to spot fraud


Call us on 0800 110 929 to report fraud


Nedbank is committed to the highest ethical standards when conducting business. We require all our employees, contract workers, part-time employees, partners, agents or intermediaries, joint ventures and vendors to act with honesty and integrity.


Report unethical behaviour or corruption
(You can remain anonymous.)

Please do not use these contact details to report fraud.