What is HomeVision?

With HomeVision, you can register a bond higher than the loan amount you need – which gives you access to extra funds that you can use in the future. Your loan repayments will be based on your home loan amount, not the registered amount. Repayments will increase only if your application is approved and you receive part or all of the extra funds you've applied for.

HomeVision is a smart and convenient way to future-proof your home.
  • Save 50% on your attorney bond registration fee.

  • Pay interest only on the home loan amount you use.

  • Access your extra funds quickly and easily through a readvance.

What can I use my HomeVision funds for?

The money can be used in many ways, including the care and maintenance of your home. For building and structural property changes, you'll need to apply for a building loan.

How to access the additional funds

Simply apply for a readvance to get access to extra funds, without registering another bond. We'll need to conduct an affordability check and property valuation.

A simple guide to home loan jargon

The Realest Dictionary helps you to understand home loan terms. It covers terms like HomeVision, readvance and more. Use it to stay informed while you apply for a Nedbank home loan.

An example of a home loan that includes the HomeVision benefit

Purchase price
Loan amount
Registered amount

R 100 000

R 900 000

R 1 300 000


Disclaimer: The illustration above is based on a home loan of R1 million and an additional amount of R300 000 that has been registered for possible future use through HomeVision. You may register up to 30% more than the property purchase price. Both this extra amount and the home loan amount must not be greater than R7.5 million. HomeVision is not available on building loans or for making structural improvements to the property.


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