Get your medical career off to the best start

Preparing for a career as a medical professional is both exciting and daunting. With years of hard slog to master your chosen field behind you, entering the next stage is a big step forward. Life-changing moments like these are much easier when you get expert advice and support to smooth the path that you will be travelling.

Fortunately, Private Clients from Nedbank is on hand to help get you on the right track with customised solutions aimed specifically at final-year medical students and interns. This world of tailor-made services is available to you even though you might still be working your way towards earnings that qualify regular clients for Private Clients status.

How a dedicated relationship banker can help

When you open your Private Clients account, a dedicated relationship banker will be assigned to accompany you on your journey to long-term financial stability. This means that you have direct access to specialised knowledge that you are unlikely to get through standard call centre channels. Your relationship banker is more than simply a helping hand for ordinary questions and queries; they deal exclusively with our medical professional clients. This means they have an in-depth understanding of your needs and the pressure you work under.

And even though you might not yet be ready to open your own medical practice, your relationship banker will be your go-to contact if that time comes. In the meantime, they can help you set up and manage your personal finances and investments to suit your needs and goals.

In addition to your personal banker, you can get 24/7 help from Private Clients medical professional consultants by calling 0860 555 222.

Medical intern exclusive deals and services

Your Private Clients journey will include several benefits and benefits available only to medical professional interns and final-year students. First among these is the waiving of monthly service fees until the end of December 2022. You will thereafter benefit from a 50% discount on your monthly fees until you turn 30. In addition, you will be rewarded with R1,000 cash back if you finance your car with us between January and June 2023. And if you are a first-time home buyer, you could qualify for a 105% home loan.

Financial and lifestyle benefits

Although managing your finances is an important part of your life, your well-being rests on more than that. That is why your Private Clients account offers you a wide range of additional benefits. For instance, you will receive domestic and international travel benefits, so you can make the most of business and leisure travel.


Solutions include financing of specialised equipment


Your long-term well-being is also taken care of through tailored financing options for your home and vehicles, while specialised investment options allow you to prepare for the future. Not all medical professionals choose to go it alone by setting up their own practice, but if that is one of your goals, then you find yourself in the right hands.

We offer Private Clients in the medical profession tailored financing to help you set up and manage your medical practice. Solutions include financing of specialised equipment, help with ongoing cash flow needs and managing daily operations with a medical-practice account.

Then there’s point-of-sale devices for quick and simple payment processing, as well as in-store finance to help patients pay for high-value goods and services. This offering, exclusively available from Nedbank, is a quick and easy digital process that has no administrative or paperwork overheads, at a small monthly fee.

Although you might not yet be ready to take advantage of the full range of medical-practice services we have to offer, applying for your Private Clients account today will set you on the right path as soon as you start your journey.