Your relationship banker: as hands-on as you are

For all our advances in digital connectivity, the face-to-face consultation is still at the heart of proper healthcare. House calls by the family doctor may be a rarity these days, but digital diagnostic technology still has a way to go before physical consultations with general practitioners and specialists go the same way. If you’re a medical professional, you should know that a Nedbank relationship banker delivers the same level of personalised service. We understand the daily pressures that you face, with long working hours that often leave little time to take care of pressing matters like financial planning.

When banking with Nedbank as a medical professional, you will have a full suite of business banking and financing options available to place your practice on a sound financial footing. In addition, your relationship manager will also be able to help you handle your personal finances and family banking needs.

And you don’t need to have an established career before qualifying for private client status. You can be fast-tracked into a private-banking experience from the moment you’re a medical intern and pay discounted bank fees while enjoying a range of rewards and lifestyle benefits.

A personal banker at your side

One of the biggest advantages medical professionals who bank with Nedbank enjoy is a relationship banker who is dedicated only to clients like you. Our relationship bankers have built a wealth of experience in this industry, so they have a deeper understanding of your circumstances, pressures and needs.

When setting up a practice, you may need asset financing for specialist equipment, while commercial property is often a good investment to house your practice alongside paying tenants. In both these areas, you’ll get expert guidance from your relationship banker.


As a Nedbank private client, you’ll receive many other benefits designed to simplify and enhance your life


You have direct access to your relationship banker, who leans on the support provided by a team of specialists with an in-depth understanding of the financial complexities of the medical profession. More than that, you get personalised, face-to-face time with your relationship banker – we know that you don’t have time for your call to get lost or misdirected in a call centre queue.

This personalised service also ensures that the different aspects of your finances – business, personal and household – get the right amount of attention. It’s easy to get so focused on one aspect, like your practice’s finances, that you neglect the others. Your relationship banker can help keep you on track to manage all 3 aspects equally well.

Moving beyond your practice

When you have a relationship banker who understands your business needs as well as your personal goals and aspirations, it’s far easier to craft a cohesive financial plan. This is essential when you have loved ones to care for in addition to the patients you care for every day.

Your relationship banker is ideally positioned to connect you to the right people and services to take care of your business and personal needs – including financial-planning tools, day-to-day banking and credit needs, insurance, commercial property, investments and stockbroking, and business-exit, retirement and estate planning. 

We often establish long-term relationships with our medical professional clients, especially those taking advantage of the special deals for medical interns. These special conditions include zero monthly service fees until the end of December 2022, after which you pay only 50% of the monthly service fees until you turn 30. We will also refund you R1,000 if you take up vehicle finance between January and June 2023, and you could qualify for a 105% home loan if you’re a first-time homebuyer. Terms and conditions apply.

Lifestyle benefits and more

As a Nedbank private client, you’ll receive many other benefits designed to simplify and enhance your life. These include local and international travel benefits such as access to domestic and international airport lounges, automatic medical emergency insurance on international tickets bought using your credit card, purchase protection and extended warranties.

All in all, you can expect an exclusive experience, in keeping with our mission to remove common banking hassles from your life.