Unlock and maximise your Private Clients benefits

Private Clients is ideally suited for individuals who earn more than R750,000 a year. However, anyone can join, regardless of their income. At Private Clients, we acknowledge that banking should be digital when you want it, and human when you need it – especially when your financial management becomes more complex. 

There are way more benefits to joining Private Clients than bundled bank charges, however. Let’s look at all the Private Clients benefits you should be taking full advantage of.



1. Access to a dedicated relationship banker

One of the biggest benefits of Private Clients is that you’re allocated a relationship banker. This dedicated professional looks after all your banking needs and becomes the bridge between you and Nedbank. 

You could get a different lending outcome 

Your relationship banker can assess your income streams more completely than an automated process. Your track record, income and aspirations help bankers to build a profile of you, so that you can access a range of benefits. Your banker will send your unique profile to a dedicated credit team to look at holistically. 

Are you a young professional still climbing the career ladder? You can get a 50% discounted offer if you are under 30 with a 4-year degree. A relationship banker can help you get your credit cards, home loan or vehicle finance. 
If you’re venturing into business or need to set up a practice as a medical professional, you can access specialised finance at highly competitive rates. Your banker will also help with the assessment of your business finances. 

Even if you’re well into your retirement, you can still use Private Clients personalised banking services. Since your relationship banker is your point of contact at Nedbank, you can rest assured that all your financial needs will be met throughout your years as a client.Clients over 55 could qualify for a rebate of between 30% and 50% on their monthly service fee with Private Bundle or Private One accounts. 

Getting the right balance in your investment portfolio

A relationship banker can connect you with a wealth adviser who will give you access to invaluable guidance on investments. First, they can help you determine what you need in an investment portfolio according to your long-term life goals. Then they can guide you in wealth planning by advising you on investment choices that match both your goals and your risk appetite.

A wealth adviser can also help you set up offshore accounts and advise on retirement and estate planning, to cover all the long-term investments that you need to build generational wealth. 


2. Travel benefits 

Private Clients gives you access to an impressive range of travel perks for you and family. For starters, Nedbank makes it easy for you to get a passport and skip the queue at Home Affairs. You can collect your travel documents at Home Affairs offices situated at participating Nedbank premises.


You earn Greenbacks when you spend, save or manage your money well


Having your foreign currency sorted out before you travel to another country will make life easier when you arrive at your destination. Your relationship banker can help you order forex and have it delivered to your door, at no extra cost. 

If you’d rather not carry forex in cash at your destination, you can opt to transfer your travel funds into a Nedbank Travel Card and load up to 8 foreign currencies. The currency of the country you’re visiting will be set automatically. Download the Nedbank Money app to register your card, and you can manage deposits and payments on the go. 

Private Clients membership also means that you and your family have access to a range of local and international airport lounges where you can relax and recharge before boarding your flight. Nedbank makes it easy to get a free secondary card for your spouse, so they will have the same access. 

Perhaps the most reassuring benefit is the automatic medical travel insurance you get when you buy airline tickets with your Private Clients Visa or American Express Card. You should also take advantage of the concierge service and exclusive hotel and car-hire benefits, so you can travel in style. 


3. Access to Family Banking

Private Clients can also bank as a family. Once again, your relationship banker is an essential link in making sure that you and your loved ones meet your financial goals. A notable highlight of Family Banking with Private Clients is a sizeable discount for your spouse, so both of you can enjoy all the perks of your Private Clients account at a reduced rate. 

As a parent, you’ll want to lay a foundation for the financial future of your children. Family Banking offers a dedicated account for each of your kids, which allows them to start making smart money choices at an early age. Your family will also enjoy a range of lifestyle and travel perks. 


4. Earn Greenbacks

With Private Bundle or Private One accounts, you earn Greenbacks when you spend, save or manage your money well. You can use your Greenbacks to buy plane tickets, book vacations, shop on Avo SuperShop, buy prepaid services and much more.

If you want personalised, convenient banking that understands your unique needs, choose Private Clients from Nedbank. The benefits speak for themselves.