Avo Auto offers expert advice on affordability

After finding your dream car online, you’ll probably apply for vehicle finance online too. When you apply for car finance, the lender will assess your affordability to make sure that the car you have your heart set on fits your budget. 

This can be a nerve-wracking stage of the car-buying journey if your credit score is not up to scratch. If you’ve had some financial difficulty in the past (perhaps some late or missed account payments), that credit history will inevitably come up. When that happens, most banks will simply turn down your application. This can be a huge disappointment, especially when you’re already excited by the idea of getting a new set of wheels. 

Avo Auto at Nedbank does things differently. Not only does this 1-stop car sales platform offer you a wider range of trusted dealerships with great offers, but it also gives you access to agents who are ready to offer you expert advice on affordability.


Tapping into Avo Auto’s expert advice

Since it was launched in April 2021, Avo Auto has become a popular online platform to buy cars – whether you’re in the market for a used entry-level vehicle or a high-end supercar. Range and convenience are only part of the appeal – Avo Auto is a winner because the team behind it carefully walks with you throughout the car-buying journey. They can help you understand your credit score, if there is a problem and what the problem is, and how to improve it so that you can qualify for finance.


Excellent client service is at the heart of Avo Auto’s success


Tips to help you rehabilitate a problematic credit score 

  • Contact the credit provider you’re currently in arrears with and arrange to clear the debt as soon as possible.

  • Keep your current debt healthy and pay on time. Do not apply for more credit within the next 3 to 6 months.

  • Check various channels to make sure your credit score is improving.

Be patient. ‘Depending on how bad a credit score is, once all accounts have been paid up and are in good standing, we advise the client to apply for finance again after 3 to 6 months,’ says Shanesh Seejeram, Avo Auto Product Manager. ‘However, this will not guarantee an approval. Approval depends on many factors – a credit score is only 1 of them.’


Some satisfied clients’ feedback

Excellent client service is at the heart of Avo Auto’s success, so it’s easy to see why it has become a go-to platform for prospective car buyers. ‘Behind the growth of Avo Auto lies a dedicated team which facilitates all transactions with both the dealer and client to ensure a smooth vehicle-buying journey. They give their utmost to deliver on the best client experience available on an e-commerce platform,’ says Shannon Thompson, another Avo Auto Product Manager.

Here is what some satisfied clients have said about the Avo Auto team:

  • ‘Before anything, I would like to thank you for how helpful you were when I was in the process of applying for vehicle finance ... After you advised me about the financial rehabilitation, I had a clear understanding of what I had to do to put myself in a position, after having gone through the process successfully, to be able to apply for vehicle finance with MFC again.’ 

  • ‘My experience with you was one I will never forget. Thank you once again for always responding to me very promptly whenever I would send you a direct message on Teams and giving me clarity on whatever it is I would be needing assistance with at that time.’

  •  ‘Thank you so much for your assistance with my vehicle finance application. You made what seemed very difficult, and frustrated me, look so easy – and made sure that at the end of it all I am a happy customer. Keep up the excellent work.’

Avo Auto is a platform you can trust to make the road to owning a car less bumpy – even if you have a less-than-perfect credit score.