Make your Greenbacks work harder for you

We all need to manage our finances better. Although that is sometimes easier said than done, given the many demands on our money, it is still a goal everyone should aim for. Through the Greenbacks programme Nedbank helps you manage your money well and rewards you handsomely for doing so.

The programme encourages you to use your card instead of cash, set up debit orders, save regularly and pay loans on time. For doing all this, you are rewarded with Greenbacks that you can redeem in various ways and that give you automatic entry into competitions where you stand to win big.

Let’s first look at how Greenbacks is structured and how you can become a member:



The Nedbank Greenbacks programme has 4 packages, each linked to a specific Nedbank product or account. These packages are as follows:

  • Card Swiper rewards you for using your cheque or credit card.
  • Money Manager rewards you for crediting your Nedbank account monthly and for banking smarter on the Money app or Online Banking.
  • Responsible Borrower gives you automatic entry into our quarterly draws for being a responsible borrower with a home loan, vehicle finance and/or personal loan.
  • Structured Saver gives you automatic entry into our monthly draws for saving in a structured manner in either a 32Day Notice, Just Invest, Platinum Invest or MoneyTrader account.

Each package is designed to help you make smart money choices so that you get the most out of your banking relationship with Nedbank.


Benefits of each package

1. Card Swiper

With Card Swiper, you earn Greenbacks whenever you use your cheque or credit card to pay in-store or online, and you get 25c back per litre of fuel at BP. You earn Greenbacks when you pay your bills on the Money app. You will earn 2 Greenbacks for every R10 that you spend on your Master or Visa credit card and also earn double Greenbacks by using your American Express Card – that is a guaranteed 4 Greenbacks for every R10 spent for everyday essentials such as groceries, medicine, clothes, entertainment, etc.

2. Responsible Borrower

Simply pay your monthly home, vehicle and personal loan instalments in full and on time every month, and stand a chance to win the balance of your loan up to R1.5 million in our quarterly draws.


You can also convert Greenbacks to cash


3. Structured Saver

Keep saving every month into qualifying investment products and stand a chance to win R30,000 in our monthly draws, paid into your investment account. If you save monthly by using a stop order, you could win an additional R20,000.

4. Money Manager

Credit your transactional account monthly and make at least five debits per month, and you might receive bonus Greenbacks from us.


Redeeming your Greenbacks is easy.

Earning Greenbacks is easy. Redeeming them is even easier with these redemption options:

  • Via Online Banking or the Money app Choose to bank, invest, shop with, or donate your Greenbacks.

  • Bank with your Greenbacks Paying the full price for your bank fees and charges is a thing of the past if you are a Greenbacks member. You can use your Greenbacks for bank fees and charges and get up to 40% discount for every R100 worth of Greenbacks that you redeem.

  • Shop with your Greenbacks Convert your Greenbacks to AvoPoints and shop for goods with exclusive Greenbacks discounts on Avo SuperShop.

  • Invest your Greenbacks Remember that your Greenbacks are a real currency. Why not invest them as you would your money? Did you know that as a Greenbacks member, you will receive a top up of R23 for every R77 you redeem into your Unit Trust on the Money app? How it works: Greenbacks will top you up with an additional R30 worth of Greenbacks on every R70 worth of Greenbacks that you redeem into your unit trust on the Money app, adding a total of R100 to your investment. 

  • Donate your Greenbacks Pay it forward and donate your Greenbacks to one of our Affinity programmes (Children’s Affinity, Sports Affinity, Arts & Culture Affinity and Green Affinity). When you redeem R100 of your Greenbacks towards an affinity, you will pay only R50. We will top up your generosity with a matching amount.

  • Airtime, data and electricity Be clever with how you spend your Greenbacks – you could buy essentials like electricity, airtime or data with your Greenbacks that will help you get through the month with ease.

You can access all these redemption options in the palm of your hand on your Nedbank Money app. You can also convert Greenbacks to cash by withdrawing them at any ATM using your free Greenbacks SHOP Card, which also enables you to pay with Greenbacks in-store or online at all merchants that accept American Express Cards, locally and abroad.

Join the programme

As you can see, the Greenbacks programme is more than just a loyalty programme that rewards you only when you use your cheque or credit card. Rather, it’s a money management tool that encourages smart money choices in many aspects of your life. Download the Money app to join the Greenbacks programme and choose the relevant package(s), so you can start enjoying awesome rewards.