Manage your lifestyle with a digital assistant

Most of us are quite hands-on with things we need to get done in our daily lives, like shopping, renewing licences, paying bills, dropping off the dry cleaning, or buying tickets for an upcoming event, to pick a few random examples.

We want to believe we are capable and always on top of things.

To be honest, though, getting through all your tasks in a day takes a fair amount of organisation or an extraordinary ability to juggle chores and multitask.

To avoid forgetting, most of us write to-do lists on notepads. Indeed, managing our lives is an active occupation that, ironically, can take up too much of our time. Then, when we fail to accomplish certain goals because there’s too much on our plates, we feel disappointed.

But what if you could let a digital assistant help with all your personal tasks, giving you time to get on with your life? Thanks to modern tech, it’s easy to ditch the to-do list in favour of a digital personal assistant that helps you with all your essential daily tasks.

Nedbank’s My Assistant, previously known as HeyNed, is a digital personal concierge service that helps you manage everything you need to accomplish, and is now available on our Avo SuperShop app.

How My Assistant works

Think of My Assistant as a personal assistant who’s available 24/7 and ready to handle some of your responsibilities. You can use it to buy essential items like groceries – but it offers much more. A first in the banking sector, My Assistant uses a vast network of more than 350,000 product and service providers, linking you to practically anything you need.

In addition to the convenience of having a virtual personal assistant on call around the clock, as a My Assistant user you benefit from the money-saving potential of a digital service that literally negotiates better prices on your behalf. Once you accept a quote provided by My Assistant on Avo, you can pay with a simple click.


My Assistant users appreciate the fact that the service pays for itself through the savings it delivers


My Assistant can also be of great help to new homeowners dealing with the red tape of moving into their home. Your digital personal concierge can manage tasks like municipal connections, furniture removals, renovations and security, and queue-for-you services, among others.

The benefits of using My Assistant

According to Ciko Thomas, Group Managing Executive for Nedbank Retail and Business Banking, he’s an avid user because My Assistant is game changer. ‘My Assistant users appreciate the fact that the service pays for itself through the savings it delivers,’ Thomas says. ‘They also appreciate that it can be used to source items and access a host of value-adding services, from restaurant and movie reservations to arranging transport home from school for the kids or finding a recommended supplier for home repairs and maintenance.’

What does My Assistant cost?

My Assistant offers 2 options: a subscription at R69 a month, or a pay-per-task option at R89 per task. Access My Assistant on Avo today and manage your lifestyle with ease.