Smart planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s that time of the year again when big sale signs go up, and your emails are inundated with special offers while retailers prepare for the shopping frenzy that Black Friday brings – this year (2023), it falls on 24 November, with Cyber Monday’s online shopping bargains available on 27 November.

But the truth is that times are tough, and we’re all holding onto our purse strings a little tighter, so it’s important not to get caught up in a buying frenzy and being left in a financial black hole.

But that’s not to say that you should ignore the great deals and let a good bargain slip away. The key to a successful Black Friday shopping spree is preparation – so that you can avoid the sweat of rushing around fighting crowds.

While some stores keep their deals a secret till the last minute, many merchants start advertising from the beginning of November, giving us enough time to plan ahead.

Top tips for getting the best bang for your buck this Black Friday

  • Don’t overspend – make a list
    Overspending is one of the biggest mistakes shoppers make every year, and buyer’s remorse sets in quickly when it’s time to calculate your expenses. To avoid impulse purchases, make a list of the items you have your eye on.

    The key here is to pick goods that you would need to buy anyway. Think of back-to-school supplies, groceries and household products, emergency power supplies, and even Christmas gifts. Black Friday deals can come as a life raft, allowing you to finally replace that old, loud washing machine or upgrade to a gas stove. But avoid buying, say, a huge plasma TV that’s 10% off, if your current one is working just fine.

  • Hunt for bargains on your list
    Once you have compiled your list, prioritise the items and divide them up according to the outlets that stock them. At this point, you should also compare their regular price to the ‘discount’ prices on offer. Be wary, as some retailers have been flagged for increasing the price of items before Black Friday, to make their discounts seem more significant.

  • Embrace online shopping
    Since Black Friday takes place on a regular working day, spending hours pushing through crowds at the mall is not always an option. You might want to focus exclusively on Cyber Monday’s deals, so that you can shop at multiple stores online and miss the traffic – and the battle for a parking space.


Plan carefully and fight the urge to make impulsive purchases that you may regret


  • Use online shopping carts in advance
    The Wednesday before Black Friday is when you need to start pressing that ‘Add to cart’ button. This will allow you to check out quickly when the sale prices come into effect. If the retailer doesn’t allow you to save your cart, you can add the items to your wish list so that they are easy to find and move to checkout.

While the Avo SuperShop has great deals available all year round, our Nedbank insiders have hinted at some incredible savings this year – plus, you get 1% of your spend back in AvoPoints that can be used to save on future purchases. As a one-stop shopping platform, Avo helps you save on everything from groceries and gadgets to automotive parts and appliances. Avo will also allow you to stock your cart in advance so that you can easily swap any items if you find a better deal.

The Nedbank Money app can also help you plan your Black Friday budget – even if you don’t bank with Nedbank. The My Smart Money feature helps you track budget, spend and savings. But most importantly, the free credit score feature allows you to check and monitor your score, to ensure you don’t end up in the red this Black Friday.

In short, to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, plan carefully and fight the urge to make impulsive purchases that you may regret when the sale fever has worn off. Start preparing now, and happy shopping.