Oops! Forgotten login details: Enbi’s top question

How frustrating is it when you forget your login details and need to recover them, pronto? This can be a real problem if you don’t have access to email or a phone from which to dial the Nedbank Contact Centre.

Enter Enbi, our chatbot assistant that can handle your top daily banking requests and queries.

Launched in August 2021, Enbi is the latest step towards resolving client queries quickly and easily, empowering you with the knowledge to manage your own banking interactions. In today’s world, that means using digital channels and tools to give you the power to recover your password, download a statement or even open an account.

What do people want to know?

It’s easy to joke that the top question Enbi gets asked is about forgotten login and digital ID details, but it’s actually a serious problem if you can’t access your banking. Being able to quickly recover your password using a chatbot assistant like Enbi instead of waiting in a call centre queue instantly proves its worth.

It’s clear from the nature of the questions to Enbi that many are quite comfortable engaging with an artificial intelligence (AI) bot to ask for help. Take, for example, the other leading questions Enbi gets asked about practical banking matters.

Want to know how to reverse a debit order, or how to pay someone? You’re not alone. Roughly 10% of queries to Enbi in September 2021 were seeking help for just these 2 practical banking issues. Next most popular were queries on clients’ Nedbank profile numbers, banking charges and how to get a statement.

Don’t be shy to ask anything you want. From how to open an account, to how to get the balance on your account or how to locate the nearest branch. Enbi is designed to put you on the right path quickly, or to find ways to answer your questions.

How Enbi works

Enbi represents cutting-edge AI technology that is helping organisations like Nedbank, with millions of clients, to still offer a personalised experience. It’s far from an exaggeration to say that this is the future of self-service banking.

You can interact with Enbi on the Nedbank Money app, or on Online Bankinby clicking the ‘chat’ icon next to the branch locator. You don’t have to log in first to chat to Enbi either, so there are no delays if you’re dealing with a time-sensitive issue like fraud.

These interactions and the responses you receive will improve over time, as the AI algorithm learns from questions and responses. Through this learning process, Enbi will start to anticipate or predict the questions you have, and the answers that are right for you most of the time.

So, we encourage you to skip the Nedbank Contact Centre next time you have a query and try Enbi instead. Thousands of clients are already doing so every day.