Ways to stay on top of your account

Get alerts on transactions

For added security we recommend you register for eNotes online. You’ll get an SMS alert whenever money goes in or out of your account or when your balance is low.

Set up automatic payments

Never miss a payment. Easily set up debit orders or schedule payments on your Money app or Online Banking - to be paid automatically on the date you set.

Set daily limits and stay on budget

Set up your own limits on debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals or transfers. Increase or decrease your limits anytime on the Money app or Online Banking.

Link your accounts

Get a single view of all your accounts from one place and transfer funds between your linked accounts. Link your accounts on the Money app or Online Banking.

Tips to stay on top of your money

Know your fees

Understanding your bank charges can help you find ways to reduce them. Take a look at our rates and fees online, which are updated every year to keep you on track. You can also ask our agents for more details at any time on Live Chat when using the Money app or Online Banking.

Check your statements

It’s a good idea to look at your account statements every month to make sure they are correct. You can do so easily on the Money app and Online Banking - and if you spot any errors our agents are there to help you on Live Chat 24/7.

Spend only what you have

To avoid a penalty fee for insufficient funds, we advise that you keep enough money in your account for debit orders and also check your bank balances before making an electronic payment.

Choose a Nedbank ATM

If you are a Nedbank client, we recommend you do your banking at one of our ATMs. Other banks will charge you a higher fee whenever you use their ATMs.

Fraud awareness

Schemes and scams
Banking safely

Call us on 0800 110 929 to report fraud


Nedbank is committed to the highest ethical standards when conducting business. We require all our employees, contract workers, part-time employees, partners, agents or intermediaries, joint ventures and vendors to act with honesty and integrity.


Report unethical behaviour or corruption. You can remain anonymous.

Please do not use these contact details to report fraud.