MiGoals: How your account may have changed

You may already have received an SMS from Nedbank notifying you about changes to your existing account. Some clients have been confused by this notification, and think it means that Nedbank is going to close their account. Rest assured, that isn’t what’s happening. We are discontinuing certain types of account, so your account is simply being switched to the equivalent account in our brand-new MiGoals suite.

You’ll continue to enjoy simple, affordable banking and have access to all our in-person and digital banking services with your new MiGoals account. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes.


Accounts that will change

If you currently have a Nedbank Pay-as-you-use (PAYU) account, you’ll find most of the same features and more in a MiGoals account.

Your Savvy Plus or Savvy Optimum account could be switched seamlessly to a MiGoals Plus account.

A Savvy Bundle account is a natural fit to become a MiGoals Premium account.


The 3 Nedbank MiGoals account options


MiGoals account

Pay only for what you use. Complimentary perks (which apply to all accounts in the MiGoals suite) include 50% discounts at Nu Metro, free in-app transaction notifications, up to 3 months of free statements on the Money app, and no transaction fees when you pay for shopping or services by swiping or tapping your card. For an affordable fee, you can access further benefits like Greenbacks membership, an overdraft or a credit card.


MiGoals Plus account 

A value-based bank account to take care of your everyday needs for an account fee of R99 a month, with the flexibility to add extra benefits as needed. Enjoy exclusive free Greenbacks membership perks, including savings on travel expenses, 50% off your spouse’s monthly maintenance fees, more than 1% cash back on grocery spending, and 25 cents cash back for every litre of fuel you buy at BP. It’s a comprehensive banking solution that adapts to your lifestyle.


MiGoals Premium account

For an account fee of just R240 a month, get all the everyday banking benefits of a MiGoals Plus account and more – like 12 free domestic airport lounge visits every year and no monthly fees on your credit card or overdraft. Enjoy the same Greenbacks membership benefits as above, plus discounts on flights, accommodation and car rental. 


Your PAYU or Savvy account will transition to MiGoals towards the end of 2023 or in early 2024, as each account type is replaced.


If you have not yet received an SMS from Nedbank notifying you about your account upgrade, you should be notified sometime in the next few weeks. In response, you’ll have to specify which MiGoals account you prefer.

You’ll be able to continue using your existing card once your account has been migrated. If we need to issue new cards, we’ll let you know ahead of time. You will be able to monitor the progress of your new card on the Money app. Once it’s ready, you can visit the branch to collect it or choose to have it delivered to your door for an additional fee – whichever is more convenient.

Fast, simple digital banking: Unlock the benefits of MiGoals

If you don’t have an account with Nedbank yet and you’re interested in a MiGoals account, it’s simple to apply on the Money app or Online Banking.

We’ll need specific documents to process your application, such as your ID and proof of income. You can choose to submit these documents in person at a Nedbank branch, via email, or by uploading them on the Money app or Online Banking.

If you submit your documents digitally, they can be in PDF, .doc, PNG, or JPEG formats, so you can pick the most convenient option. However, there is a size limit of 10MB per file, and 20MB for your documents in total.

Learn how you can make sure your MiGoals account always stays active if you switch your salary to Nedbank.