What do you need to go into a bank branch for?

The digital age has really changed the way we bank, making it so much easier, more secure and more accessible through online banking and mobile banking apps. You can check your account balances, pay bills and access services from wherever you are. But even with all these amazing digital banking options, there are still a few services that require you to pop into a branch.

Let’s look at those services, before we go through all the products and services you can access digitally. Our ‘digital when you want it, human when you need it’ strategy aims to provide a perfect fit for your needs.

What services can be accessed only in a branch?

There are only a few reasons that require a visit to a Nedbank branch, including:

  • changing ownership of your account, and
  • unblocking your digital profile if there’s been fraud on your account.

The good news is that most of our branches are equipped to stay open and online during load-shedding, which is one less frustration to worry about if you do need to visit a branch.

Popular services you can access on the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking

The convenience and flexibility of secure digital banking can save you time and effort. You can access most of our accounts and services via the Money app or Online Banking, including the following:

  • Limit changes
  • Transfer limits
  • Change the limit on the amount you can transfer from your account.

ATM limit change

  • Change the limit on the amount of money you can withdraw from ATMs.
  • Payment limit change
  • Change the limit on the amount you can pay from your account up to R150,000, and up to R50,000 through Real Time Clearing (RTC).

Payment options

Instant pay

  • Change the limit on the amount you can transfer instantly, either temporarily or permanently.

Pay to cellphone

  • Change the limit on the amount you can pay to your cellphone.

Proof of payment

  • Obtain proof of payment or have proof sent directly to the recipient.

Airtime, electricity and other value-added services


  • Recharge your prepaid account with up to R3,000.


  • Buy tickets and manage the spending limit on your Lotto transactions.

Investments and tax


  • Manage and monitor your investments.

Tax certificate

  • Obtain a certificate for your tax and investment purposes.

Automatic payments

Beneficiary management

  • Manage the individuals or entities you have designated to receive payments from your account. 

Debit orders

  • Set up and approve a new debit order or reverse ongoing automatic debits from your account.

Stop orders

  • Modify existing stop orders on your account.


Our call centre can direct you to your nearest full-service branch for more complex requests


Account administration

Balance enquiry

  • Check the current balance of your cheque, savings and investment accounts.


  • View, manage, and share your account statement. Get a breakdown of your card statement to monitor your cash flow and modify how your statement is disposed of.

Account confirmation letter

  • Obtain a written and stamped confirmation of your account details.

Change of details

  • Update your email address or update secondary cellphone numbers for communication and verification.

Nedbank call centre

If you have an issue that you can’t resolve through digital banking, or you prefer a more human touch but don’t feel like making a trip to a branch, you can also contact our call centre on 0800 555 111 –available to help with all your banking needs at any time. Our money experts – or our chatbot, Enbi – are always happy to assist you with any questions. They can also guide you through processes on the Money app or Online Banking if you find digital banking intimidating.

Whatever your needs, we have an option for you

While we recommend going digital whenever possible, if you do need to visit a branch, we’re here for you. With fewer clients requiring in-person or phone support, your banking experience is becoming more efficient and streamlined.

If you want to visit a Nedbank branch, we suggest pre-booking an appointment through the Money app or Online Banking, to make sure that you receive prompt service at your preferred date and time. While our smaller branches do not offer a full range of services, our call centre can direct you to your nearest full-service branch for more complex requests. And if you’re not comfortable handling digital transactions on your computer or phone, our self-service kiosks in branches provide a convenient alternative.

Whether you prefer a personal touch or the convenience of secure digital banking, Nedbank has you covered. Join the bank that’s best for your money and do things your way.


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