Enbi: Let our chatbot assistant help you

Nowadays, almost all of us do our banking on the go, anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days when you had to stand in queues at a branch just to receive a statement, open a bank account or to make simple inquiries – digital banking makes so much sense.

Our mobile devices, laptops and desktops are key tools to enjoy the convenience of digital banking.

But let’s face it: it’s still frustrating to have to call the Nedbank Contact Centre each time you have a banking issue, like forgetting your login details or needing help to navigate your digital options.

That’s why we introduced Enbi, our chatbot assistant. Enbi will help you handle daily banking requests and queries on the Money app or Online Banking – including those pesky forgotten usernames and passwords. Launched in 2021, Enbi employs artificial intelligence (AI) to offer an innovative, easy-to-use guide to your digital banking requirements. In its first year of operation, Enbi answered more than 2 million questions.

Whether you want to explore and open new accounts, view benefits you qualify for, download statements, or find out more about digital products and services, Enbi can help you find what you need without you having to call the Nedbank Contact Centre or visit a branch.

To get the best out of Enbi, it’s important to know how chatbots function.


How chatbots work

Chatbots gather information on what is being asked to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Client interactions must be recorded so that banks can understand chatbot users’ habits and needs better, ultimately aiming to deliver more personalised offers and services. When banks use the power of AI to learn more about your specific needs, they can cut through the clutter quickly and highlight only the most relevant services, saving you time and offering better value.

The experience of using a chatbot should be as close as possible to interacting with a human representative, to encourage you to interact with the service. Chatbots should be able to handle common questions and answers well and provide alternative solutions and suggestions. They aim to anticipate your needs and provide convenient insights on the go.


It learns from client interactions and gathers useful data to improve its capability in the future.


At Nedbank, our focus has always been on providing innovative and easy-to-use services that help you get the most from your banking experience. Enbi is our AI-powered solution, ready to serve with a smile.


How Enbi works

Whether you’re a Nedbank client or not, Enbi is ready to help at any time, providing instant answers and useful shortcuts personalised according to your questions.

Enbi strives to be:

  • Efficient Whether you need to know how to access your bank statement or reverse a debit order, Enbi can help you find key features on the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking. Convenient shortcut buttons and quick replies offer relevant questions to serve your needs more accurately. Enbi functions whether you’re logged in or not, although some shortcuts may take you to products and services that require you to log in to proceed.

  • Empowering Enbi is interested not only in finding a solution for you right now, but also in helping you find it yourself in future. Our goal is to empower you through helpful prompts and additional information that you may need to complete a task. This could be listing the documents you’ll need to make certain transactions, giving details of additional charges, or providing important numbers you need in stressful situations like attempted fraud or unauthorised transactions.

  • Easy and intuitive Enbi answers your questions with simple answers and then suggests the next best action, provides a helpful tip, or presents a relevant value-add.

  • Helpful Chatbots are meant to make things easier, so if you’re not satisfied with a response, Enbi will give you the option to chat to a human instead.

  • Friendly Enbi is designed with a warm, conversational personality to help humanise the digital experience and ensure that interactions are natural, familiar and easily relatable.


Try chatting to Enbi

Enbi will get better at answering questions about a broader range of topics as time goes by, because it learns from client interactions and gathers useful data to improve its capability in the future. The more you use Enbi to guide you through your digital banking queries, the better the chatbot will be able to personalise your interactions.

Is there anything else you need to know? Just ask Enbi ...