What to do if your SASSA card is lost or stolen


If you rely on a social grant, you know how important it is to get your money on time every month. Like many grant recipients, you might use your official SASSA Postbank card to withdraw your money in cash at the post office or a participating retail store. But what if disaster strikes and you lose your SASSA card, or someone steals it? Would you still be able to get your grant next month and put food on the table?

Fortunately, a lost SASSA card doesn’t have to be a disaster. You can safeguard your grant and still get the money you need if you act right away.


Lost SASSA card: What to do


If you lose your card, stop it immediately, just as you would any other bank card, so that nobody can use it. You can call SASSA on 080 060 101 to request a card stop and apply for a new card. Or you can go to your nearest post office to stop the old card and they can issue you a new card immediately. Whichever method you use, you will be asked for some personal information, so have your ID, proof of residence and the phone number linked to your SASSA card with you. 


Why spend so much time travelling and queueing to get your grant payment?


You won’t be charged for your first replacement card. However, further replacements will cost R26* each, and that fee will come off your grant money. It’s important to keep your SASSA card safe to avoid unnecessary replacement fees that eat away at your grant. Never share your PIN with anyone, never let anyone else keep your card, and keep the card in a safe place at home when you aren’t using it.

Accidents happen, though, and thieves are always coming up with new ways to trick us. If you realise your card is missing, it’s essential to stay calm, then report and stop it as fast as you can.

* January 2024 rate


Have your SASSA grant paid directly into your MiGoals Account


Unfortunately, glitches in SASSA payments systems over the past few years have often delayed grant payouts in cash. When this happens, it brings serious hardship.

A late grant payment could force you to borrow money to buy necessities. You’ll pay extra for transport on repeated trips to a SASSA payment point to collect your grant in cash. You don’t need these added financial burdens if you’re already struggling to live on your grant money.

A Nedbank MiGoals Account offers a solution, for a maintenance fee of only R5 a month*. You can arrange to have your SASSA grant paid directly into your MiGoals Account every month, and never have to queue to get your grant money again.

MiGoals is a pay-as-you-use account, with no charge for retail card payments. This means you can use your MiGoals debit card when you shop for household essentials without it costing you more. MiGoals also gives you access to Nedbank’s many digital banking options on the Money app and Online Banking, and digital transfers between your Nedbank accounts, notifications of account transactions, and a MyPocket savings tool are all free.  You can withdraw cash at participating retailers for a transaction fee of R2*.

* 2024 rate

Why spend so much time travelling and queueing to get your grant payment? Why risk carrying all your money for the month around in cash? 


A Nedbank MiGoals Account is a safe, convenient, affordable alternative.

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