Spring-clean your financial habits in 6 steps

Spring is a time of annual renewal for nature and people alike. We spring-clean to clear out the clutter that has built up as we stayed cocooned through the winter. If you’re sprucing up your home and workspace to celebrate the return of warmth and life, you should consider giving your financial habits a spring clean too.

You can harness the capabilities of digital banking to refresh your financial well-being and set yourself on a path to a more prosperous future.

1. Review your budget

The first step in any financial clean-up is to revisit your budget. Digital tools like the Nedbank Money app make it possible to get a complete view of your income and expenses. The Money app and MoneyTracker help you understand your money flow and pinpoint areas where you could save. Has your love of takeaways become too extravagant? Perhaps your streaming service subscriptions are mounting up? The Money app’s insightful budgeting tools help you to identify and reduce these expenses, while nudging you towards additional saving and investment opportunities.

2. Check your credit score

Your credit score is akin to a financial health report. Keeping tabs on it is essential as it impacts your borrowing capacity. As a Nedbank client, you can check your credit score for free, anytime you like. You can monitor your credit health and rectify any inaccuracies before they affect your financial options.


Digital banking makes it easy to compare products offered by different banks and switch when necessary


3. Consolidate high-interest debt

If you’re grappling with high-interest debt, consider consolidation. Loan consolidation involves applying for a personal loan to pay off a few loans or debt you may have, leaving you with only one payment to make every month, at one interest rate and at one financial institution. Potentially, the new interest rate could be lower than the amount of interest you were paying on separate debts previously – a saving you could put towards investments or other expenses, or just paying off more each month so that you can reduce your debt faster.

4. Automate your savings and bill payments

One way to save money and avoid paying extra for late account payments is to automate your savings and bill payments. Nedbank’s automated bill payments and debit order switching tools ensure punctual bill settlement, reducing the chance of attracting late fees. Couple this with regular automated transfers into a Nedbank savings account or MyPocket, and you’ll see your funds grow almost effortlessly.

5. Set financial goals

Financial goals act as a compass, providing motivation and direction. Regardless of whether you're saving for a holiday or a house deposit, or merely aiming to shrink your debt, our advisers can assist. They collaborate with you to establish a financial plan tailored to your needs, guiding you on your journey to achieving your goals. Speak to our chatbot Enbi on the Money app and they’ll connect you with a banker.

6. Spruce up your financial products

Finally, evaluate your financial products. Digital banking makes it easy to compare products offered by different banks and switch when necessary. Nedbank offers competitive rates and a wide range of services, including low-fee bank accounts and rewarding credit cards. If your current financial products don’t suit your needs, perhaps it’s time to switch to Nedbank.

A spring clean of your finances might not show immediate results like a thorough cleaning of your home would, but the long-term benefits will far outweigh any number of coins found stuck behind the cushions of the couch. With Nedbank at your side, financial spring cleaning will be an absolute breeze.


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