Why choose Nedbank to consolidate your loans?

Make managing your loans easier with 1 repayment

Pay off all your loans with a new personal interest rate

Save with a new structured repayment plan

Get extra money to use now and pay off a single loan

Use our personal loans consolidation calculator

Add what you pay every month on the biggest loans you have. You can also add extra cash if you need it.
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A single, easy to manage instalment will mean you spend less each month on fees.

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On average, South Africans pay interest of 18% to 24.75%. We’ll offer you an interest rate based on your payment history and risk profile.

Learn more about loan consolidation

How to get loan consolidation right

If you’ve heard of loan consolidation and wondered what it’s about, here’s a 2-minute explainer.

When loan consolidation makes sense

Are you drowning in a sea of debit orders each month that leaves you stressed and disoriented? You’re not alone.

Should you get a second loan?

You need to know how to judge when another loan makes sense.

Our calculation is only an example of how the interest rate and fees can affect your repayments. Although we do our best to give you accurate calculations, they will not be binding on us. To confirm the latest interest rate or fees, please visit your nearest branch.

How our loan
process works

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Step 2

Step 3

Step 1


Start your application

Select ‘Start loan application’ to see what you’ll need. Fill out the form. We’ll run the credit checks and give you an answer.

Step 2

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Consider your offer

We’ll make you an offer based on what we know you can afford. You can either accept it or ask for changes to the offer.

Step 3


Finalise the loan

Send us your documents. If everything’s in order, we’ll pay the money directly into your bank account.

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