Earn more rewards with Greenbacks and the Money app

Nedbank Greenbacks is designed to support you when you make better money choices with rewards that can be redeemed in many great ways. Greenbacks is more than a loyalty programme – it’s a money management programme that also happens to reward you. And if you’re paying with a Greenbacks-linked Nedbank American Express Card, you earn double the Greenbacks on every transaction!

And you don’t earn Greenbacks only when you pay with your debit or credit card – you’re also rewarded with Greenbacks whenever you pay your bills using our Bill payments feature on digital banking channels like the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking.

Take control of paying monthly bills and earn Greenbacks

Paying bills every month is a chore you may be tempted to put off, and there’s always a possibility that you might forget to pay on time. That could result in financial penalties and even damage your credit score – but not if you use the Money app or Online Banking! You can access our free bill payments feature on either channel, and you’ll be rewarded with Greenbacks simply for paying your bills.

This handy feature helps you get a better handle on your money and build a good credit history. Set up bill payments so that all your regular bills are paid the day after your salary is paid into your account, and you’ll never have to worry about late payments or insufficient funds. It’s easy to check which bills have been paid and which haven’t, and the Greenbacks you earn just for using the feature are the icing on the cake.

How to use bill payments

To use bill payments, simply log in to the Money app or Online Banking, go to Transact, choose Pay, then Bill payments. More than 500 service providers have signed up to accept bill payments, including Eskom, municipalities, SABC, DStv, insurance companies and others. 


Use the Money app to go to Avo SuperShop and get deals that are available only to Greenbacks clients


Simply search for the service provider you want or enter the EasyPay or Pay@ number that appears on your bill. Just add your bills and a payment rule for each one, and Nedbank will take care of the rest. It’s much easier than queuing at separate outlets to pay bills like our grandparents had to, and it saves you the trouble of remembering to make individual EFTs every month.

Using your Greenbacks on the Money app

There are several ways to use your Greenbacks easily on the Money app. You can pay your bank and card fees with Greenbacks, or invest your Greenbacks by moving money to your JustInvest or MyPocket. You can even use Greenbacks to buy Nedgroup Investments unit trusts.

You can also use your Greenbacks to buy prepaid services such as airtime, data or electricity on the digital banking channels. If you want to shop online, you can use the Money app to go to Avo SuperShop and get deals that are available only to Greenbacks clients. You can even donate your Greenbacks to various affinities and charities – which you’ll find listed on the Money app.

Spending Greenbacks using your Greenbacks SHOP Card

When you sign up for Greenbacks, you can also apply for your Greenbacks SHOP Card, which will have a PIN. Your SHOP Card will allow you to withdraw your Greenbacks as cash, or you can use your card to pay for groceries, fuel, furniture and more at compatible point-of-sale or online merchants.

Sign up for Greenbacks on the Money app today and unlock a world of rewards. 


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