5 reasons to download the Money app

Calling all digital banking fans hunting for champion financial solutions! Grab your smart devices and join us as we explore the wonderful world of the Nedbank Money app. In this bite-sized digital banking safari, we’ll explore a breathtaking landscape of convenience and security, where user-friendly features share their territory with top-notch protection. 

There are at least 5 ways the Money app can improve your life as much as a braai after a game drive. They include the following: 


1. An ATM in your pocket

You wouldn’t expect to find an ATM at every watering hole in the game reserve, but the Money app means you never need one. Even if you’re out in the bush, you can still use the app on your smart device to make payments whenever you need to – it’s like an ATM in your pocket. Some payments are more urgent than others – that’s why the Money app features Instant Pay and PayShap, so that sending money immediately is never a hassle. 


2. Ringfence your finances with virtual cards

Security, strong fences and restricted access are vital in game reserves to protect wildlife and nature. They’re just as important in your banking app, to protect your hard-earned cash against cybercriminals. The Money app allows you to create virtual cards that you can use for online shopping. Virtual cards have their own unique card numbers and link to your bank account, but you decide how much of the balance in your account you want to transfer into the virtual card. You can also set daily spend limits – so not only do virtual cards mean you never have to share your actual account number with merchants to make payment, but they also limit how much money is at risk even if a fraudster does gain unauthorised access.


Like the great outdoors and South Africa’s stunning biodiversity, your money is worth managing and protecting


3. No poachers allowed 

Like an experienced game ranger, the Money app is always on guard against any form of poaching, strictly controlling access to your account. Security is essential. Biometric logins? Check. Two-factor authentication? Check. Top-tier encryption? Double check. 

4. Finance tracking made easy

An experienced tracker makes a safari so much more exciting, because they can follow a spoor and make sure you see everything you want to. The Money app can do the same for your finances – user-friendly tools like My Smart Money help you track down better money choices for your budget, spending and savings. MoneyTracker makes it easy to create and stick to a budget. There’s even a tool to monitor your credit score, so you can make sure that your access to credit when you need it stays in the category ‘of least concern’, rather than ‘endangered’. 

5. Cross-border collaboration

South Africa shares several transfrontier national parks with our neighbours, because cross-border collaboration is much more effective when trying to protect our natural heritage. It’s also important in modern digital banking – did you know that you can use the Money app to make or receive international payments?

The latest Money app features


Like the great outdoors and South Africa’s stunning biodiversity, your money is worth managing and protecting, so that it’s always there for you to enjoy. Luckily, you don’t have to spend years building your bush skills or putting yourself in the line of fire to manage and protect your money. All you need is the Money app!


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