Could you get a hacker to fix your credit score?

Having a bad credit score can make life very difficult for you and looking for shortcuts to fix it may seem like a good idea if you’re at your wits' end. But that’s desperation talking.

Some people even believe a hacker could help them change their credit score at credit bureaus. Even if you did find a cyber expert who claimed to be able to illegally bypass credit bureaus’ security and falsify records for you, here’s why it’s a bad idea:

Tip: words like ‘illegally’ and ‘falsify’ are red flags!

You might think getting a hacker to change your credit score could help you get credit when your record is reviewed, but as we’ve pointed out, it’s illegal. Deliberately inserting false information or deleting information from your credit record could land you in serious trouble.

And even if your ruse ‘works’, and a financial services provider believes your doctored credit report, you could be granted more credit than you truly qualify for. Then there is a high chance you will find yourself unable to make your repayments at some point. That means financial trouble on top of legal trouble.

It’s better to fix your credit following the steps below.

Fixing your credit score the legal way

  • Don’t take on any more debt. Until you’ve improved your credit score, it would be better to hold off on taking on more debt, as it could negatively impact your already low credit score. Taking on further debt will also make it more difficult for you to pay off your mounting debt.

  • Make your repayments on time. Making your payments on time will show that you are a lower risk for financial credit providers. Diligently paying your debt will also help you to pay it off on time.

  • Make payment arrangements if you can’t maintain your current payments. Speak to your lenders if you are struggling to keep up with payments on your debt and negotiate different terms that will suit your current financial situation.

  • Pay off debt with the highest interest rates first. To make it easier for you to pay off your debt, have a look at the debt with the higher interest rates and pay it off first. This will help you to pay off your debt faster.

  • Keep an eye on your credit record. Make use of free platforms like Nedbank's Money app to check your credit score, to help you gauge what’s having a negative impact on your credit score and work on fixing that.

Taking the ‘easy’ way out isn’t the answer to getting rid of your debt – it creates more problems than it solves. Rather follow the right process to fix your credit score and pay off your debt. Getting a hacker may sound like a great movie solution to a poor credit record, but illegal strategies like this will only hurt you in the long run.

This information is intended for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.