Update your tech with Avo SuperShop

Fast-changing technology continually brings us cool gadgets that enhance our daily lives. For instance, your smartphone. You can use it to organise your daily schedule, to hold virtual meetings, to interact with service providers in real time, and as a portable ATM for all your digital banking needs. You can even use it to make calls.

A smart tablet is equally versatile, plus it’s an on-the-go connection to learning resources for students and a great device for playing games. Smart watches connect you to a host of digital services, with added functions like tracking your exercise routines and monitoring your health. Digital devices have changed the way we interact with the world, and life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

That’s why Avo SuperShop is ready to help you upgrade your tech to the latest that your favourite brands have to offer. What’s more, the platform always has incredible deals and special offers, so that you can feed your love for electronic wizardry without blowing your budget. Shopping doesn’t get more convenient than on Avo. Browse, compare different products, choose a payment option that works best for you, and have your order delivered to your home anywhere in South Africa, with a few taps on your screen.


Stay ahead of the curve

Shop on Avo to stay ahead of the tech game with life-enhancing digital delights. Here are just some of the goodies on offer:


Apple products

Breathe new life into your work and entertainment with the latest Apple devices and accessories. Pre-order the latest iPhone or boost your productivity, home and fitness with a MacBook Air, Apple Watch, HomePod and more.


Samsung products

Avo’s tech offerings cater to all tastes when it comes to operating systems. Get the latest Samsung Galaxy Z, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Samsung Galaxy Watch, smart tablets and even home appliances. Thanks to exclusive, personalised Samsung offers, you’ll be the first to know when Avo introduces new products.


Gaming products

If you’re a gamer, Avo will delight you with a choice of popular consoles – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Nintendo – and a wide selection of the hottest games. Turn your gaming space into an immersive arcade that includes the virtual reality thrills of PlayStation VR2.


Pick your most convenient payments option

Avo offers a range of secure payment options, so you can choose the one that suits you best. You can pay with any debit or credit card, no matter who you bank with. Paying with a Greenbacks-linked Nedbank card earns you Greenbacks as an added bonus – and you earn Greenbacks at double the rate if you pay with your Nedbank American Express Card.

Avo gives you 2 hours from the time you reserve an item to make payment

By signing up and creating an Avo Wallet, you can earn rewards on every purchase. Get 1% back in AvoPoints – valued at R1 for every AvoPoint. You’ll need to fund your Avo Wallet from another account, but you can use AvoPoints to pay for items on Avo too. You can also convert your Greenbacks to AvoPoints, and access Avo deals exclusive to Greenbacks members – another way to make shiny tech toys more affordable.

A feature unique to Avo is access to affordable credit when you need to buy more costly items. You can apply for a Nedbank Personal Loan – subject to a credit assessment – while you’re in the SuperShop. It’s a quick, easy way to get your hands on any must-have gadgets that you can’t afford all at once. Terms and conditions apply.


Take the time to be certain

Of course, the great joy of online shopping – being able to pop anything you see and like into your shopping cart with a tap – can also be its greatest pitfall. With so many mouth-watering deals and promos on Avo, you might be tempted to ‘save more’ while spending more than you have in your budget.

That’s why Avo gives you 2 hours from the time you reserve an item to make payment. You can pause, check how much you’re about to spend, and make sure you will still be able to afford other essential expenses, before you pay and complete the order. If you don’t make payment within 2 hours, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Remember that Avo has a lot more to offer than hi-tech gadgets. It’s a 1-stop SuperShop for groceries, home essentials, prepaid services, fashion, and much more. Make your online shopping a convenient, rewarding experience with Avo.