Benefits of solar-energy finance

MFC aims to provide you with the means to buy a solar-energy solution for your home by partnering with approved providers to ensure a safe, secure and hassle-free experience.



You'll have the convenience of an alternative power source when the lights go out, or you can go off the grid completely.


Cost saving

If you use solar energy, you won’t feel the impact of electricity tariff hikes as much.

Clean energy

By using a clean and renewable power source, you can reduce your monthly electricity bills and your carbon footprint over time.


Long-term benefits

The additional expense upfront could result in savings in the long run. Please consult our solar suppliers and read more about the pros and cons of solar energy in our blog articles.

How it works

1. Find a supplier

Nedbank can assist with finding an accredited supplier. You will need to do this before starting your application.

2. Get a quote and insurance

Get a quote for the energy solution and insurance that will meet your needs and suit your pocket.

3. Apply for finance

Once you have your installation quote and your proof of comprehensive insurance, come back to us to apply for finance.

4. Install solar solution

Once financed, contact your supplier to arrange for your energy solution to be installed in your home at your convenience.

5. Pay loan and enjoy

You won't feel the impact of load-shedding and electricity tariff hikes as much.


Find a solar-energy expert

When considering solar energy for your home, it's important to use quality products and an accredited supplier who will deliver professional services.


To make it easier for you, we’ve identified our first Nedbank-approved supplier, Hohm Energy, who has been accredited and recognised by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA).

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Get a quote and insurance

Contact one of our approved solar suppliers and get a quote for your energy solution.


Our solar suppliers will manage your entire solar journey, from determining your needs and providing a quote to managing the installation and maintenance.


Once you have received your installation quote, you will also need an insurance quote from your insurer.



Already have your installation quote and your proof of insurance? Apply for finance.

Get started


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