This Black Friday, score big with American Express

Attention, all shoppers: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner again, so it’s time to work out a smart gameplan. Just before the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in a buying frenzy and wreck your budget. You want to make the most of your shopping and get rewarded for it, without overspending.


Maximise value when shopping on Black Friday

This year, Black Friday is on 24 November, with Cyber Monday’s online bargains available on 27 November. To navigate these sales successfully, prepare in advance, hunt down the best deals and stick to a budget. Many merchants start advertising their deals from the beginning of November, which gives you enough time to plan responsibly.

But if you’re still feeling the squeeze, should you be spending money just because a store is offering a discount? The answer depends on your needs and circumstances, especially when you’re faced with a discount on something that you’ve been eyeing for a while. The key to a successful Black Friday is responsible spending and borrowing – and ensuring that everything you buy is essential and truly adds value to your life.


Exclusive offers and discounts await with American Express

Think about those essential items that you’ve needed for a while – perhaps it’s time to replace an ageing fridge or upgrade your smartphone. Black Friday can be an opportunity to make these necessary purchases without straining your budget.

However, remember that while credit cards are a valuable tool to unlock some sweet deals, you must use them wisely. Don’t go into debt for deals that you don’t really need. Rather leverage your credit card strategically to maximise your savings. In fact, your American Express Card can make your Black Friday shopping much more affordable.

If you hold a Greenbacks-linked American Express debit card, American Express Gold Credit Card, American Express Platinum Credit Card, SAA Voyager American Express Gold Credit Card, or SAA Voyager American Express Premium Credit Card, then read on.


Get these benefits by shopping with your Amex card

When you use your Amex card responsibly, you can help boost your credit score while you unlock a world of added benefits to make your shopping even more rewarding. These unique benefits tailored to your lifestyle include:

1. Double Greenbacks on spending

Every time you use your Greenbacks-linked Amex card to make qualifying purchases, you earn twice as many Greenbacks as you would by using another card. You can redeem your Greenbacks in many ways, including withdrawing them as cash.

Plus, if you’re using a Greenbacks-linked card to shop on Avo SuperShop, you not only have access to the promotional discounts being offered to all Avo shoppers, but you also qualify for extra deals available exclusively to Greenbacks-linked clients.

In short, this Black Friday you could score discounts upon discounts, while earning Greenbacks to spend on even more great deals.

2.  Amex Membership Rewards

When you open your Amex account, you’re automatically enrolled in the American Express Membership Rewards programme. You earn points (that never expire) every time you shop with your Amex card. You can use these reward points to pay for the things that you love with the complementary Membership Rewards card. You can even use this card to withdraw your points as cash.


Get the most out of your shopping, with Amex


3. Unlimited SAA Voyager Miles

Earn almost double and unlimited Voyager Miles when you use your SAA Voyager American Express card. You also have many ways to earn Bonus Miles, or companion tickets to use or donate to family or friends. Terms and conditions apply.

Redeem your Miles and travel to more than 1,200 destinations with 26 Star Alliance partners, or pay for any available airfare on SAA-operated flights, flight upgrade awards, or SAA promotional seat sales. You can also use your Miles to pay for car hire, Uber or deals on, Wine-of-the-Month Club, NetFlorist or cruises, or convert your Miles to AvoPoints and shop for just about anything on Avo.

4. Travel insurance and benefits

With the American Express Platinum Card, you can relax at more than 1,200 lounges in 4,000 cities around the globe with Priority Pass. You’ll enjoy unlimited access to any local Bidvest Premier lounges, as well as travel insurance of up to R10,000. Don’t forget that the Amex card also gives you access to great discounts, upgrades and first-class services when you use it to pay for local or international travel. Terms and conditions apply.

The SAA Voyager Premium card offers you basic travel insurance up to R6 million, and you get 20% off top-up insurance premiums. You and your Supplementary Cardmember also get free, unlimited access to SAA-owned departure lounges. Terms and conditions apply.

5. Added convenience and control

With features like mobile app management, fraud protection, chargeback facility, automatic travel insurance and flexible repayment options, your Amex credit card empowers you to shop with ease and confidence. You can also link your card to popular payment platforms like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay for added convenience and safety.

6. Valuable rewards and discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards when you pay with your Amex card. These include up to 50% off Nu Metro movie tickets, snack combos and VIP experiences at selected cinemas, 25c cash back for every litre of fuel you buy at BP, and exclusive seasonal discounts at Amex-accepting partner stores, Avo and more.

7. Enhanced security

Rest easy knowing that your card is equipped with top-notch security features, including SMS alerts for transactions, customisable transfer and withdrawal limits, contactless feature, virtual cards, and the ability to block or freeze your card using the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking.

8. Lost-card replacement

Lost-card replacement ensures that you’re not inconvenienced if you lose your card. You can replace your card quickly (at no charge for Platinum cards), so you can get back to maximising the benefits that Amex offers.

9. Optional credit life cover

You can choose to add credit life cover to your Amex card for greater peace of mind. This valuable protection ensures that your financial obligations are met, even in the event of death, permanent or temporary disablement, dread disease or retrenchment. It provides a safety net for you and your loved ones.

Your Amex card makes Black Friday shopping an opportunity not only to secure incredible deals, but also to maximise your savings, rewards, and value for money. Get the most out of your shopping, with Amex.