Overdraft Assurance

Up to R50,000 of your overdraft limit will be paid out to the credit provider if you are retrenched, become disabled or pass away.

What is covered

Up to 10 monthly instalments, capped at R30,000 if you are retrenched.

Up to R50,000 of the overdraft facility if you become permanently disabled.

Up to 6 monthly instalments, capped at R50,000 if you become temporarily disabled.

Up to R50,000 of the overdraft facility if you pass away.

What is not covered

Debt you incur or withdraw after the claim event. 

Any instalments, fees or interest not related to your overdraft facility. 

Death or permanent disability due to a pre-existing medical condition or illness. 

Death or permanent disability related to self-inflicted injury, suicide, active participation in military action or criminal activity. 

See terms and conditions for full list.

Waiting periods

6 months for retrenchment, disability and death.

Why choose our assurance?

Cover if you are retrenched, disabled or pass away. 

No medical tests needed to take out insurance.  

Affordable premiums to suit your credit needs and budget.

Simple, fast claims process.

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Call our 24-hour contact centre on 0800 333 111 for an agent to assist you or submit your claim on the Money app.


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Submit documents

Complete the claim form emailed to you with all the required documents.


Leave the rest to us

We will assess your claim and let you know if we need anything else. If the claim is valid, we will process it.

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