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  • Ensure your obligations and wishes will continue to be attended to

  • Have your final wishes honoured

  • Reduce estate taxes and minimise the impact on your wealth

  • Structure your wealth optimally according to laws and regulations

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What is a testamentary trust?

This type of trust is typically set up according to the terms of your will to ensure that certain obligations are taken care of after your death, like maintenance orders following a divorce, protecting assets on behalf of minors until they come of age, or donating to charities.



Testamentary trust services


As a testamentary trustee, Nedgroup Trust ensures that everything is managed properly managed. Download asset ownership guide

Receiving assets from executors once they have been cleared.

Being impartial and guided only by your will.

Acting only in the interests of your beneficiaries.

Ensuring that your beneficiaries' expectations are properly managed.

Making sure that investments are sound and not risking the trust's assets.

Effecting payments according to your will.

Having annual financial statements prepared and finalising income tax returns.

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