Reasons to invest with us

Your financial adviser will structure a personalised investment plan that is as cost- and tax-efficient as possible and will consider the following:

  • The right investments for your needs

  • Income-generating investment options

  • Portfolio and risk management

  • Full-service stockbroking options



Invest locally and globally


We offer listed and unlisted investments, collective investment schemes (unit trusts), dividend and enhanced-income investments and structured products to grow your money.

Bank deposits and savings products to grow your money

Guaranteed income and growth products to protect your capital

Local and international unit trusts managed by leading investment managers

Tax-sheltered investments structured to reduce your income tax in a legal way

A full suite of retirement savings solutions

Our advice approach starts with you

Defining your priorities

We start by understanding you and your family, your priorities and goals, your financial circumstances and risk profile.


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Goal setting and planning

We will prioritise and define your goals and agree on the right investment plan, including the level of financial risk you are comfortable with and for how long you want to invest for.


Implementing the plan

We will put the plan into action by helping you invest in the agreed solutions. We will also review and adjust your plan at least yearly or as your circumstances and needs evolve.

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Manage financial risk

Risk management is an important aspect of investment planning. We help minimise your risk by reviewing and adjusting your plan as needed. 

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Generate sustainable income

Discover our income-generating investment solutions, like the Nedbank Tax-free Fixed deposit Accountand start earning more from your money.

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Trade online or through a stockbroker

Trade a range of top-performing local and global stockbroking options on our online trading platform or through a broker and access: 

  • Next-generation digital trading to streamline your experience
  • Articles, tutorials and webinars to develop your trading skills
  • Expert guidance to help you make the right investment decisions
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Shari'ah-compliant investments

Any asset proposed by fund managers is evaluated by the Shari’ah Supervisory Board, which will issue a certificate for Shari’ah-compliant investments.



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