Why our philanthropy offering?

  • Efficient structuring of your giving 

  • Investment management of your charitable organisation

  • Grant-making services for impactful giving

  • Fiduciary expertise and trust administration

Advisory and investment services

Cash management services

Cash management services

Invest in high-yielding money market funds or cash management solutions and maximise returns on unused grant funding and money not earmarked for reserves.
Tailor-made investment portfolios

Tailor-made investment portfolios

Invest across asset classes as part of a longer-term giving strategy to ensure that your charitable organisation is self-sustaining.  


Tax-effective giving and governance

Tax-effective giving and governance

Receive advice and tax approvals for organisations registered as public benefit organisations.
Day-to-day support

Day-to-day support

Make use of specialised client relationship management with day-to-day advice to help you navigate any operational, regulatory or compliance issue.
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For individuals and families

We structure your giving to make a sustainable impact by:

  • Translating your ideas and giving goals into reality
  • Setting up your charitable trust and structuring it optimally
  • Advising you on sustainable, responsible and effective giving
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For business

We optimise your corporate and social investment (CSI) spend by:

  • Assisting in the development of your CSI strategy relative to your company's activities and goals
  • Making the most of the budget you have allocated to corporate giving
  • Setting up the best structure to conduct your CSI activities and give in a sustainable way
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Non-profit organisations

We provide expert support on optimising your non-profit’s finances by:

  • Setting up an organisation with non-profit objectives and structure it optimally
  • Improving your operational and financial sustainability.

The Giving Report

We are proud to present the fifth edition of The Giving Report, which builds on over a decade of in-depth research and incorporates invaluable feedback and suggestions of diverse stakeholders in the philanthropy sector.

See The Giving Report

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