Reasons to insure with us

  • Personalised advice based on your needs and goals

  • Benefit from our partnerships with local providers 

  • Dedicated specialist team with market insights

Protect what matters to you

Cover your assets, continue to provide for your loved ones if anything happens to you and secure your wealth from creditors and sovereign risk with our insurance products.


We also offer cover to safeguard your business, colleagues and beneficiaries from the effects of losing a key employee to illness, disability or death.


All your needs covered

Long-term insurance

Long-term insurance

Cover includes the following:

  • Life cover benefit – Provides financial protection for your family if you pass away.
  • Disability benefits – Provides financial assistance if you become disabled and are unable to work.
  • Dread-disease or critical-illness benefits – Provides financial assistance if you become ill and are unable to work.
  • Income protection insurance – Provides regular income payments to replace part of your income if you’re unable to work due to illness, impairment, or disability.
  • Funeral cover – Pays a specified amount of money in the event of death to cover funeral costs.
Short-term insurance

Short-term insurance

Cover includes the following:

  • Homeowner's insurance – Covers your roof, walls and more.
  • Household insurance – Covers household contents from furniture to appliances.
  • Vehicle insurance – Includes comprehensive or basic car insurance.
  • Personal legal liability – Makes provision for legal expenses you may be liable to pay.
Commercial insurance

Commercial insurance

Cover includes the following:

  • Cover for a specific period, usually a year or less.
  • Commercial and industrial property insurance.
  • Option to adjust coverage as business needs change, without being locked into a long-term contract.
Business insurance

Business insurance

This includes the following:

  • Cover against financial loss if your company is unable to repay a loan.
  • Financial cover in case a key employee either resigns, becomes disabled and unable to work, or passes away. 
  • Cover to finance Buy-and-sell agreements, enabling the business owners to purchase the shares of a co-owner who has either become disabled and unable to work or has passed away.  

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