PrimeSelect Investment Account

Get all the benefits of a fixed term deposit, with the option to withdraw from or add to your account whenever you choose to.


5.87 - 6.22



Min 24 hours

What you get

Earn interest that is linked to Nedbank’s prime lending rate

Make up to 5 withdrawals without impacting your interest rate

Top up your investment any time for even higher earnings


Your capital and earnings are guaranteed.

You can earn anything between 5.87 - 6.22%.

The bigger your account balance, the higher your returns.

Rates and fees

Zero monthly fees.

No commissions charged.

Cash deposit fees may apply.

Free stop orders from your Nedbank account.



You can access a portion of your funds within a minimum of 24 hours. Maximum 5 withdrawals.

The minimum amount for each withdrawal is R1,000.

Your withdrawals and additional deposits may not exceed 50% of your original capital.


You can choose an investment period from 3 to 18 months.

You can make up to 5 additional deposits of at least R1,000.

At the end of your term you’ll also be able to reinvest your funds.

Convenience and Control

Open your account easily online or on the Money app.

Place your withdrawal notice in just a few quick taps on the Money app. 

You can track or manage your account any time on our digital banking channels.

We offer 24/7 support from our Live Chat or call centre.


Free SMS alerts on all transactions.

For your security, you can accept or reject withdrawals from your phone in real time.

Affinity contributions

As an added benefit, you can choose a Nedbank Affinity to support at no cost to you.

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