Vehicle Insurance

Theft or accident? Get comprehensive or basic car insurance that gives you up to 30 days' free car hire to keep you moving.

Why choose our insurance

Comprehensive car insurance and third-party cover only.

Extras like tyre-and-rim cover and extended warranties.

Emergency home and roadside assistance.

Features and benefits


Car hire options and emergency home and roadside assistance services.

Value added products like tyre-and-rim cover and extended warranties.

Cover for classic vehicles.

Cover for all types of vehicles, including cars, light delivery vehicles, SUVs, 4x4s, motorcycles, caravans and trailers.


Extra benefits

Up to 25% discount on your premiums.

Cash back of 10% after three claim-free years.

Roadside Assist services for emergency breakdown and accident services.

Drive-me-home services to get you and your car home safely after a night out. 

Pick-me-up service to pick you up and take you where you need to be.

What is covered

Comprehensive cover for accidental loss or damage to vehicle.

Optional third party, fire and theft cover for accidental loss or damage.

Third-party only cover if you’re legally liable for loss or damage of another vehicle.

Extended cover for tow-in cost and safeguarding; emergency repairs and costs; and delivery after repairs; emergency expenses of passengers; emergency accommodation; tools, spares parts and travel accessories and more.

What is not covered

Mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, failures or breakages and any resulting damage.

Damage to tyres or suspension system from road hazards or road unevenness.

Claims resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol, criminal activity, military action and deliberately exposing yourself to exceptional danger.

See terms and conditions for full list of exclusions.


Simple, fast claims process.

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Submit documents

Complete the claim form emailed to you and send it back to with all the required documents.


Leave the rest to us

We will assess your claim and let you know if we need anything else. If the claim is valid, we will process it.

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