Reasons to retire with us

  • Globally integrated advice for personalised retirement planning.

  • Tax-efficient investment options to maximise savings. 

  • Expert guidance and information through webinars and panel discussions.

  • Tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. 

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Retire right

Access effective retirement planning to connect you to the retirement you want.

Get insights on a new way of looking at retirement. Instead of focusing on the end of a career or formal employment, more people are choosing to concentrate on what they plan to do in their ‘second phase of life’.

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Maximise your savings

Less tax means better growth on your money and more savings. We offer different ways to structure and invest your money tax-efficiently.


Tax-efficient solutions:


1. A retirement annuity (RA)

2. A tax-free investment (TFI)

3. An endowment

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Retirement annuities (RAs)

You now pay less income on RAs, because your contributions can be claimed as an income-tax deduction. All income and growth you earn while you are invested are tax-free. 

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Tax-free Investments (TFIs)

You don’t pay any tax with TFIs unless you contribute more than the allowed limits and you can access your money within 48 hours.

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You deserve a tax break

Tax breaks are available to all South African taxpayers and provide an excellent opportunity to enhance investment returns to make your money work harder, whether you are starting to save, are approaching retirement or are already retired.

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