Guaranteed Income Plan

Grow your money with the bank that guarantees your capital and pays you a monthly income from your investment for a secure future income in difficult times.


5 years


Minimum investment and term

R50,000 for individuals. 


You cannot add to your investment, but you can take out a new investment, subject to the minimum investment amount.


Five-year investment term.



You can make one partial withdrawal or withdraw the full amount of your investment. 


If you want to withdraw the money, legislation limits the value of the withdrawal to the initial capital amount, less any benefits paid, plus 5% interest compounded annually.


If you withdraw only some of the money, we will pay out the rest to you with further growth on the maturity date.


You can use the investment as collateral for a loan or transfer full ownership of the investment to another person.

What happens if I die during the investment term?

If you pass away during the investment term, an amount equal to the greater of the initial capital amount and the surrender value, less any previous payments, will be paid to your nominated beneficiaries.


If you did not nominate beneficiaries, the money will be paid to your estate.


If you nominated only one beneficiary, they can continue with the existing policy if they want to.

Why choose our cover

Invest towards a stable source of income.

Enjoy a fixed interest rate for the investment term.

Get your returns, tax-free.

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