See if you qualify for the discount on your next home loan

At least one of you must meet all the requirements if it is a joint application.

To get the 0.25% discount at least one applicant must have, or have had an active Nedbank home loan in good standing over the past 12 months.

For an additional interest rate discount of 0.25%, you'll need to have your salary paid into, or open and switch your salary to a Nedbank account.

This offer is valid on new home loan applications only. Further loans, readvances, home loan switches and endorsements will not qualify.

Documents you'll need

Your South African ID or passport
Your latest payslip or other proof of income
Your latest bank statements for the past 3 months
A copy of the offer to purchase or sale agreement

Note: If it is a joint application, each applicant must submit their own documents.

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